Professional Ceramic Coating in Milton Keynes

What is Ceramic Coating?

In the simplest way, vehicle ceramic coatings are like a protective film for your paintwork. This transparent coating, which doesn’t change the colour of the car’s paint, offers protection from a number of problems including UV rays, Tree sap, Chemicals used on roadways and Road salts.

A ceramic coating forms a bond between the paintwork, so it won’t wash off or wear off and won’t need to be reapplied every few months like a synthetic sealant or a wax would.

Vehicles with a ceramic coating are easy to clean since they repel water and grime better than anything else.

Why Should You Ceramic Coat Your Car?

Ceramic coating benefits include a rich gloss, simple upkeep and cleaning, resistance to stains and minor scratches, UV protection, temperature regulation, longevity, and an integrated warranty.

The transparent ceramic coating improves the paint on your car’s ability to reflect light, this gives it a glossy appearance and adds depth and clarity.

Why choose a pro?

Many shops do sell DIY ceramic coating kits, but a ceramic coating is not something that should be taken on lightly.

Applying a ceramic coating takes talent, patience, and knowledge. As a first-timer, you should ALWAYS have a professional apply your ceramic coating for you.

If it goes wrong you may end up with hazing or streaking on the surface of the paint or high spots. Basically it could look hideous.

So for peace of mind choose us to prepare your paintwork professionally , apply our professionally graded product and drive away with a peace of mind 2 year guarantee certificate.

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  • COURTESY CAR – We have a courtesy car that you’re welcome to use free of charge whilst your repairs are being made (you just replace the fuel).

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